Oregon Albacore Tuna flies: Craft Fur Sardine

For those of you gearing up for Oregon’s hot albacore tuna run, Barrett has tied up some patterns to check out, including this Craft Fur Sardine:

Craft Fur Sardine: Albacore Fly!

Barrett’s Craft Fur Sardine
Thread: 6/0 White Uni Thread
Hook: 3/0 SC15 Gamakatsu
Tail: White Craft Fur
Body: Pearl and Silver Flashabou
Wing: White Craft Fur
Overwing: Chartreuse and peacock angel hair
Shoulder: Orange Flashabou
Eyes: 6mm Prismatic
Marker: Black for barring

Be sure to check in with Barrett this week — he’s supposed to be heading offshore if the conditions hold up.

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3 Responses to Oregon Albacore Tuna flies: Craft Fur Sardine

  1. brad pepping says:

    hey guys this is a great looking fly. any chance we can get the video back up


  2. Mike OBrien says:

    Hey Guys–who is a good tuna fly fishing guide over around the Pacific C. area and
    or salomon/steelhead guide for a day or two starting now ? Also are there any pinks
    and coho in yet ? Appreciate just a quick reply .Thanks
    541-840-3565 (for a guide to contact me)

  3. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Captain Rob Perkin: 503-308-1448 / http://www.connectoutfitters.com / email: rob@connectoutfitters.com. Rob is a top charter boat fly fishing Captain and has fly fished for rockfish, salmon, and albacore. Give him a call or email to arrange a fly fishing trip. The Fly Fishing has been very good, so call these guys for a Trip!

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