Mckenzie River fly fishing holding up through the summer months

High and cold water has it’s benefits. Cooler water temperatures, and higher than normal water all year long has August feeling like July. Hatches of small caddis, pale morning duns, green drakes have continued on the Mckenzie later than we have seen for years. Before you know it we will be into a fall pattern and may flat out miss the dog days of August. Add to our great water year cooler air temps during the height of summer, and you have good dry fly fishing until around 2pm. Patterns to try this time of year include, Cutters E/C Caddis in #14-16, Parachute Adams #12-16, Elk Hair Caddis Orange and Brown #14-16, and small attractors like Royal Wulff’s and Parachute Madam X.
Overcast days, early and late in the day remain the best times on the lower Mckenzie. The upper river tends to hold up throughout the day by going deep when the dry fly fishing slows down. -CD


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