Mckenzie Fishing Solid

Sunday, I ran the lower Mckenzie from Bellinger to Armitage with lawyer extraordinaire Keith Semple. The fishing was solid and steady if unspectacular.  Most of the action seemed to come between Hayden and Armitage but that could have been because I finally stopped dragging my MOAL Leech around and started concentrating on the trout.  The mayflies were prolific, a few Mckenzie Greens showed but didn’t seem to get the fish moving. According to my new William Joseph boat thermometer the water temp mainly ranged between 49.3 and 49.7 degrees. The bugs and the fish seemed to like it when the water warmed just a bit. We caught a mix of cutts and rainbows as you would expect. The fish weren’t oversized but were healthy and feisty. Most of them looked like this, give or take a little:

Mckenzie Rainbow

Fish ate Light Cahill wets and the Mega-Prince but our most prolific producer was a March Brown wet #12.  Special thanks are owed to the gentlemen we saw winching a mini-fridge out of the river at Harvest Landing!

Don’t be shy, sign up for our big resident rainbow competition on the post about it below!–KM 

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