Town Run worth a look

The section of the Willamette River between Island Park in Springfield and Division ave in North Eugene dubbed the “Town Run” is showing some promise for both Steelhead and trout. Very underated for it’s trout fishing the Willamette in town does get a nice March Brown hatch as well as other insects anglers are used to seeing on the Mckenzie. Currently the water is in great shape, making the area around Valley River Center and Alton Baker park very wadable. Steelhead counts over Willamette falls are encouraging for this time of year and a few fish have been caught in the “town run”. With snow in the hills this morning it might not be a bad idea to stay local for that 1-4pm hatch period. The “town run” or the lower Mckenzie, both right in our backyard offer the angler that opportunity. Stay warm and good luck.

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