Fly Tying Video: Matthews X-Caddis

The Matthews xcaddis will be great on the McKenzie River or Willamette when things start to warm up this spring and the blizzard caddis hatches are coming off. The caddis colors on the McKenzie vary from olive to gray, so tie this in multiple colors.

This fly sits really flush in the surface and the tail looks like the shuck of the bug leaving the water.


Matthews X-Caddis Pattern:
Hook: TMC 100 size 14-18
Thread: Uni 8/0 to match body
Tail: Z-lon or Antron yarn
Body: Tan or Olive dry fly dubbing
Wing: High quality yearling elk or deer hair

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2 Responses to Fly Tying Video: Matthews X-Caddis

  1. Surimsys says:

    This is a very effective fly and easy to tie, I love these tying videos. I learn how to tie the subject fly and as a bonus, I pick up valuable tying techniques just watching. I used this fly in Yellowstone last August, it worked better than Hoppers…so much for my hoppers!!!

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