Great steelhead story from Caddis Fly Customer

Earlier this month, we got an email from Pete, one of the Caddis Fly’s customers, about an awesome fish story. Check out the email, pasted below with a photo.

Hey guys, my name is Pete C. and I’m a regular customer at the Caddis Fly in Eugene for the last eight years. I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you for the absolutely professional and courteous help you’ve offered me over the years. I have been assisted with numerous purchases including two rods, a reel, waders, boots, and countless flies, fly-tying materials, boxes, gloves, and great conversation. I have gradually become a more successful fly fisherman, including steelhead, bull trout, brown trout, and beautiful rainbow trout throughout Oregon’s scenic and ahh- inspiring fisheries- in large part to simple discussions about entomology and fish behavior at your store. So, with that being said I wanted to share a super cool fish story…

The first week in March, my brother and I went to the Hileman tributary of the main stem Willamette off river road close to where I live. It was partly sunny, around 60 degrees- the warmest day of year. We had some success on caddis emergers- I made my way upstream and found a sweet riffle diving into a large holding pool where I landed a couple nice rainbows on the same pattern. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a fish slurp a mayfly of the surface, then another- so I casted my dry fly caddis emerger to it and on the second cast I hooked in to a 30 inch 8 lb hatchery steelhead with my four weight Sage 490i rod and tapered 5x tippet line!! 20 min. later I landed it and took these pictures!!! Sweet!!!! Thanks for all your help and annual free beer!!

March Willamette Steelhead

Do you have a sweet fishing story or photo? Email us and we’ll put it on the blog.

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