March Brown hatch gets "ridiculous"

This Saturday at around 2pm it started. The three hours before were void of bug life and we caught few fish. By 2:15 there were waves of March Browns rolling down the river.

Then a bit of wind, a break in the action then another wave of bugs,  that cycle continued until 3:30. Honestly I would have thought every fish in the river would have been up gorging on the surface.  There were Blue Winged Olives amidst the March Browns and fish were on them as well. In my local we did fine; we had some fish on dries and others on March Brown wets and a few on Possie Buggers swung down an across through rising fish.  But it really could have been better. Hopefully other anglers found the fish more active in other areas of the river. My general feel from talking to other anglers and what I experienced was that the unstable weather may have had the fish a bit unsettled at times. Generally speaking the reports for both Saturday and Sunday were good.  A few steelhead are showing up and I did watch an angler land one at Belinger this Sunday afternoon.  It looks like the river is on the way up, hopefully not enough to blow it out. Later this week the caddis should pick back up and March Browns will continue to be good.



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