Heavy Nymphs remain most effective on the Middle Fork

Moab Stones, Mega Princes and Kaufman Stones fished deep coupled with a Possie Bugger,  Pheasant Tail or March Brown Nymph under a strike indicator remain productive. The water is a bit high and wading opportunities are not as easy as when the water was at 400cfs running out of Hills Creek Resevoir. However Middle Fork fish are used to the “ups and downs” of typical spring flows. The fish will move to the edges and shallower drops of the river, and remain very catchable. Now that the river has been up for a week or so the fish are used to the higher water, the still have to eat and the coming week should be good. This spring we are going to see higher water, don’t let this deter you. The fish will be in great shape and cold water will make for a fantastic summer.

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