Oregon Weekend Fishing Forecast: Trout tomorrow, Steelhead Sunday

In a perfect world, we’d recommend trout fishing on Saturday and trying your hand on steelhead on Sunday. Here’s why:

Rain is forecast and our coastal rivers are expected to rise fairly quickly presenting challenges for steelhead anglers of all stripes on Saturday. The Siuslaw is projected to crest at approximately 7.28 feet on Saturday afternoon. It is still fishable at this level though and the persistant angler may be rewarded.

The Alsea is projected to crest at 5.5 feet on Saturday afternoon. The North Fork Alsea remains fishable below 9 feet but without a boat to float the mainstem expect a fishing carnival. The Siletz should also remain at a fishable level. If heading up there without a boat concentrate on Moonshine Park.  The lower Gorge should also hold some fish (just upstream from the park).  If you plan on drifting it, the section between Twin Bridges and town is always a good bet.  The rising levels may put fish off the bite some but the persistent angler is often rewarded.

After cresting on Saturday afternoon the coastal rivers are projected to begin falling slowly. Sunday could be absolutely dynamite for coastal steelheading everywhere.

Trout fishing should remain good this weekend. The west side Cascade rivers are extensively dammed and should remain in good shape. Try Golden Stone nymph patterns in size 10 as well as size 12 Possie Buggers. Pheasant Tail nymphs, Prince nymphs and Copper Johns all should produce fish as well. Keep an eye out for a decent hatch of Blue Wing Olives in sizes 14-16 and keep your fingers crossed for the appearance of the March Browns.

Good luck this weekend! — Karl

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