Spanish Perdigon Trout Fly Pattern

In this video, Greg ties a simple but very effective perdigon fly in black & red.

A small fly pattern designed to drop quickly, this fly can be tied in different colors and sizes to mimic just about any mayfly out there as well as midges.

Greg uses them primarily as a tag fly on an indicator setup or euro nymphing rod and ties them in sizes 16-20. Use them as a dropper fly off a dry fly too.

Last summer he had a client from the Perdigon area of Spain who tied his own and knocked it out of the park fishing the Tuolumne River.

A great fly pattern for trout and a great pattern for the beginning fly-tier. Give them a try!

Hook: Fulling Mills Jig Force 5045 Sizes 16-20

Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Bead 3.3mm Silver

Thread: Danville Fly Master + 6/0 Black

Tail: CDL Dark Pardo

Collar: Glo Brite Floss Red

Adhesive: Loon UV Flow

Hot Spot: Solarez Black

UV Torch: Loon Infinity Light

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