Balanced Ostrich Damsel Nymph Fly Tying Video

Balanced Damsel Nymph

In this video Simon demonstrates how to tie a balanced damsel nymph. The pattern is relatively simple to tie, and uses dyed ostrich feathers to create an “active in the water” nymph. The Balanced Ostrich Damsel Nymph can be used in lakes or slow moving streams. Be sure to have a good set of wire cutters for the balanced pins!

Balanced Ostrich Damsel Nymph

Hook- Tiemco U660BL: Size 12

Bead & Pin- Countersunk Metallic Olive Tungsten Bead: 3/32, 2.3mm & Hareline Balanced Fly Pins

Eyes- Hareline Extra Small Mono Nymph Eyes: Black

Tail- Hareline Ostrich Herl : Scud Gray Olive

Abdomen- Hareline Ostrich Herl : Scud Gray Olive & Small Soft Wire: Olive

Legs- Hareline Ostrich Herl : Scud Gray Olive

Dubbed Head- Fly Fish Food’s Bruiser Blend: Medium Olive

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Vise- R Traveler 2304

Wire Cutters: Super Flush Cutter Pliers

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