Dark Cahill Style Wet Fly: Fly Tying Video

They say the only constant is change and that seems to hold true here in the shop. With this tie, we’re adding a twist to a classic with some modern materials. The Cahill pattern stands the test of time, as it was initially tied by Dan Cahill over 100 years ago. The original Cahill dry pattern Dan tied imitated a Pale Morning or Evening Dun. This one imitates October Caddis and while there still may be a few kicking around into November, don’t fear throwing these all fall and winter long.

Anyhow, we enjoy this simple beauty and think you might, too.

Material List:
Hook: TMC 100B, size 10
Thread: 70D Danville
Body: Lagartun Mini Flatbraid
Body: Semperfli straggle string, brown olive
Wing: Copper flash
Hackle: Whiting Brahma hen, golden olive
Hackle: Partridge

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