Oregon Set to Open The Summer Steelhead Season on the Deschutes

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From Flylordsmag.com Will Poston

Oregon’s Deschutes River will have a fishing season for summer steelhead this year, announced the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW). The summer steelhead fishing season on the Deschutes will open on August 15th. Throughout the last few years, wild steelhead returns have been so low that fishery managers were forced to close many river systems in the Pacific Northwest. The Deschutes, one of the famed steelhead rivers in the PNW, closed its summer steelhead season last year, as runs were abysmally poor. Even as this year’s steelhead runs (and salmon, for that matter) are looking good–especially compared to last year’s historically low runs–managers and stakeholders mustn’t lose sight of what historic runs looked like. In the PNW, wild salmon and steelhead runs are fractions of what they looked like decades ago. Read the rest of the article HERE.

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