McKenzie River Report June 2022


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After a massive bump in water the river is back in fishable shape. It’s still high but we have seen excellent fishing this year in high water. Water temperatures are creeping up as well. Afternoons have been best, increased water temps and more insects get the fish going later in the day. Nymphs are still solid but trout are definitely looking up and having a variety of Caddis patters, brown in #12, green in #8,10 and yellow in #16 is a good call. Golden Stones are also present and using a Golden Stone Chubby #8,#10 with a Possie Bugger #10, #12 or Jigged Hares Ear #12, #14 is a good tactic as well. We are still looking at cooler temps overall and this gorgeous weather lends itself to good mayfly hatches. Have Green Drakes #10,12 and Pale Morning Duns #16 on hand.

Good Luck out there!



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