Lively Stone Fly Tying Video

Where there’s stoneflies, there’s fish. Hopefully.. While we tie these up in anticipation of spring fishing, here in the Eugene, OR, we can’t seem to stop catching fish all winter long with different varieties of stoneflies.

Justin ties up a Lively Stone. A slightly more attractive stone fly pattern with a hotspot and some dark purple.

Give it a try, let us know.


Lively Stone Material List:
Hook: Umpqua XT500 – Size 6
Thread: Danville 6/0 – Fl. Orange
Bead: Hareline Tungsten Assortments – Black Nickel, 3/16
Collar: 1/2in Lively Legs – Black & Purple
Body: Stonefly Chenille – Black Fuchsia
Tail: Turkey Biot – Black

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