Knoll Fire on the McKenzie Causes Closure of a Portion of the McKenzie

Marine Board Issues Temporary Rule to Close Portion of McKenzie River

The Oregon State Marine Board issued a temporary closure on a portion of the McKenzie River to recreational boating due to the Knoll Fire reaching the riverbank and burned, fallen trees entering the river.

The closure is from Trail Bridge Reservoir Dam (River Mile 81.9) downstream to the Frissel Boat Ramp (River Mile 76.1). This restriction is in place through August 20, 2021, or until this temporary rule is lifted.

The U.S. Forest Service is currently leading efforts to suppress fires in the area affected by this temporary rule. The fire suppression crew operations pose a significant danger to any boaters on the river.

Lane County has issued a Level 1 evacuation for nearby residents. A Facebook page has also been created with updates on evacuations and risk levels: More information on the Knoll Fire can be found at

View the temporary rule notice (250-020-0221).

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  1. Steve S. says:

    Good evening, after looking at this section of upper river today, those who boat up there may not be able to until the floods this winter clear out all the hazards. Hope to have more info. at a later date.

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