Bed Head Steelhead Muddler Fly Tying Video

Today Alex ties for us his favorite steelhead muddler in a pink, red, and claret colorway. A versatile framework, this fly can be tied in any combination of colors with many different materials. The muddler is a tried and true classic for summer steelhead, and this one can be fished multiple ways — Alex likes to riffle hitch it and skate it. Tell us how you’re going to tie and fish yours!



Hook: Daichi 2151

Thread: 6/0 UniThread, wine

Tag: Pearlescent Mylar Tinsel, Small

Tail: Golden Pheasant Shoulder

Body: Lagartun Silk Floss, magenta

Ribbing: Lagartun French Tinsel. Copper, Small; Pearlescent Mylar Tinsel, Small

Dubbing bump: STS Trilobal Dubbing, Claret; Ice Dub, Red

Hackle: Golden Pheasant Breast Feather

Wing: “Custom Hair Wing Fur,” Lady Amherst Tail Fibers

Muddler head: Deer Belly Hair, Claret

Materials are available at​​

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