Hot Creek CA Action Alert

hot creek

Protect Hot Creek, Stop KORE Mining

The US Forest Service is taking public comments on a proposed exploratory mining operation near the headwaters of Hot Creek in the Eastern Sierra that could lead to harmful open pit mining near this fishery. We need your help to stop it.

This project is problematic and disastrous in many ways:

KORE Mining wants to drill around Hot Creek for gold with no plan or guarantee that gold exists in that area. Dredging, excavation, and hydraulic mining will cause dramatic stream degradation.

The proposal for the exploratory operation provides no information on how much water is needed, the depth of drilling, or the negative impact on the wildlife and the environment. If the operation is granted, it would have long-term ramifications for one of California’s iconic wild trout fisheries and for the wildlife surrounding the area.

The Hot Creek watershed is highly sensitive and has remnant impacts of historic mining and development in that area.

How You Can Help

We need you to submit a public comment opposing this mining operation to Colleen Garcia with the US Forest Service. Deadline for public comment is May 7th. The link to submit comments and a sample letter are below.

We encourage you to demand an Environmental Impact Statement be conducted and share your personal comments and stories about why you wish to protect Hot Creek. Specifics are not necessary, any comment helps. Please share this action with your network. For more information visit our webpage.

Submit Public Comment

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1 Response to Hot Creek CA Action Alert

  1. John Hamburg says:

    A good cause for sure. Ask the FS to not issue a “categorical exclusion” for the test drilling, which would exclude any further public involvement, and the possibility of an environmental assessment. Positive testing would likely lead to a large open pit gold mine by the river, and associated new roads with heavy traffic.

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