April March Browns Still Going Strong on the Lower McKenzie River


March Brown mayflies continue to hatch from 2-4pm on the lower McKenzie. Dry fly fishing has been everything from challenging to very good. Setting up on a “feeding lane” during the hatch and presenting sparse mayfly imitations seemed to be the most effective strategy the two days I spent out on the lower river this week. Cooler afternoons are seeing Blue Winged Olives mix in the later part of the March Brown hatch. Presenting smaller Parachute Adams or Olive Haze patterns has also been successful.


Nymphing with larger stonefly patterns (Pat’s Rubber Legs), and smaller mayfly nymphs Rowley’s Mayday Mayfly Nymph and Jigged Frenchie has also been very effective.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 6.12.15 AM

Water levels have come up a a bit since the 6th of April but they are still excellent for spring angling. Enjoy!

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