March Brown Wet Fly Tying Video – March 2021


March Brown Wet Fly tied by Jim Sens

Today Jim is tying a fantastic spring wet fly. Imitating a March Brown, this fly can be fished on the swing, in a nymph rig, or underneath a high-floating dry fly. It’s tied on a curved nymph hook, which complements the fly shape nicely. A small brass bead hidden in the thorax will help the fly get under the surface and fish like an emerging adult. If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe for more!

Hook: Daichi 1760 Curved, or TMC 2302 Sz 12
Thread: Veevus 10/0 Brown
Tail: Hungarian Partridge
Ribbing: UTC Copper wire in Amber, Brassie
Body cement: Loon UV Flow
Wing: Midge Flash Ghost Grey
Bead: 7/64″ Brass Countersunk Bead
First Hackle: Hungarian Partridge
Second Hackle: Whiting Brahma Hen in March Brown
Head cement: Loon UV Flow

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