Peacock Bass Trip Jan 2022 – Caddis Fly Hosted Trip Jan 9-16, 2022

I have been hesitant to promote any sort of travel throughout the pandemic. The fly fishing travel business, like so much of the worlds travel, has been putting out more fires than filling spots for fishing trips over the past year.

The video below highlights a trip we had booked in Jan 2021. We have now moved that trip to 2022. Currently there are 4 available rods for the week of Jan 19-16 2022. We booked this trip through Untamed Angling.

Untamed Angling is the leader in “Jungle Fly Fishing”. Untamed does a fantastic job with trip logistics across he board, in addition they have provided aid to local communities well before covid. It has been a company policy to work with native peoples near the waters they fish, conserving lands, improving medical aid, transportation and much more. Because of Untamed commitment to it’s local waters and communities I am confident they will be successful in managing covid issues for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

If you would like more info on this trip, costs, itinerary etc. please reach out to me at



Vaccination for COVID-19 already started in Brazil, and U.S. citizens are currently allowed to enter the country. Air borders are open, commercial flights are authorized to operate, and hotels are welcoming guests now and for the future.

But even better news is that in all Indigenous Lands in Brazil natives started to get the vaccine as of January, and specifically the areas where Untamed Angling projects run – Kayapos (of Kendjam and Xingu), Pirarucu, and Rio Marié are getting vaccinated in Jan and February since they are in the priority vaccination schedule group. That means we will have our seasons up and running for 2021 for sure.

This is excellent news for the Rio Marié, Kendjam, Pirarucu, and Xingu programs and for the anglers that are planning or looking to fish with Untamed Angling Brazil in 2021.

To ensure the safety of everyone including indigenous populations, there will be biosafety protocols in effect that must be followed, but travelers will essentially need to obtain a negative PCR test less than three days before arrival in Brazil.

Other biosafety protocols include:

Travelers must have face masks while in the Indian Villages
Social distancing measures will be in effect
The implementation of sanitary mats at native lands entrances to disinfect footwear
Disinfection of hands prior to entering the Indian Village.
In addition, Untamed Angling has stepped up over the past eight months to continue to support the indigenous tribes by providing a substantial amount of medicine, COVID-19 tests, non-perishable food, fuel, and more. We’re looking forward to a great 2021 season, and we are now booking all weeks and rods spots that remain for the 2021 season.

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