Micro Tinsel – Fly Tying Material Review

20 pack

Not often I support new fly tying material. I read about Uni Micro Tinsel in one of the trade magazines and it sounded interesting. First, this is not Mylar tinsel cut to smaller sizes. It’s thread! Well, 20 spools later, I went tyer crazy and used it with some of the new 1920 Daichi series hooks.

Micro Tinsel was designed for smaller flies. Round 6/0 Tinsel is perfect for tying smaller nymphs and euro style flies. I have been coating it with UV Cures and loving the results. Each spool of Uni Micro Tinsel has 12 yards of tinsel on the spool. Use it like wire or put it on a bobbin and wrap like thread. Very little or no stretch and its very durable.

The shop has most of the colors in stock. I think the best buy is the 20 pack. You get 14 colors and can experiment. I found black to cover with UV nicely and looks great. The combo of (20) spools also comes in Uni-Exclusive plastic tray (container) to keep spools well arrange, away from dust, and easy to store away.

Mico 1

Micro 2




Lou V.

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