Hendricks Ramp Open & Upriver Mckenzie Report

Took a drive up river to Finn Rock yesterday. I prepared for the worst, and sadly, it was beyond what I expected. The road crews are faced with the daunting task of road clearance of many obstructions. Power lines are still a work in progress. There is signage stating “no parking on roadway, emergency vehicles only”. Boaters should be aware of some passable river obstructions. See the Marine Board report for details. One can’t say enough times: “THANK YOU FIRE FIGHTERS & FIRST RESPONDERS”

Hen 2

On the down river portion of my trip a freshly newly revised Hendricks Park Boat ramp. Complete with many spaces for trailer parking and even a 15 minute loading zone to wait for the ramp. Oh, for the fishing report…looks like October Caddis are still plentiful and likewise Blue Wing Olives. We are headed into some nice weather the next few days…time to get out there!

Hen 3

Hen 1

NOTE: Do not forget you must have a Lane County Park Permit to park in the park!! It is a fee area, per the signage.

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