Gob of Worms/Squirmy Wormie/Mini Squiggle Worm – Jay Nicholas

In this video, Jay discusses different materials and new hooks for tying a variety of worm patterns.

San Juan worms have changed from your typical chenille materials to modern “squimy” materials that have lots of movement and catch a surprising amount of fish. Here, Jay discusses Squirmy Wormie, Squirmito Squiggly Worm, and Mini Squiggle Worm materials and “unconventional” ways to use them.

“Well you’re not exactly tying a fly.” “Ya, but I’m going fishing!” Jay Nicholas 2020

Tie some up in different colors and get out there!



Worm Materiels:
Squirmy Wormie
Squirmito Squiggly Worm
Mini Squiggle Worm


Gob of Worms


New Hooks

Kona BC1
Kona BC2
Ahrex FW541

Other Materials Used:
Veevus Iridescent Thread
Senyo’s Fusion Dubbing

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