McKenzie River Hopper Dropper June 2020

In this video, Hayden chases down a beautiful McKenzie River redside trout using a hopper-dropper setup.

June has proven to be an excellent month for fishing the McKenzie. Early June started cloudy with rainy days here and there, but the hatches were wonderful and continue to be.

As the days get hotter, early morning and afternoons are the ticket for the surface action!

Dry Flies:
Chubby Chernobyl Gold, Purple, Brown Sizes 6-10
Parachute Adams Sizes 14-16
Elk Hair Caddis Brown Sizes 14-18
Purple Haze Sizes 10-14

Mega Prince Sizes 6-10
Possie Bugger Sizes 8-12
Sen’s Improved Jigged Twenty-Incher Jig Fly Sizes 10-12
Jigged Frenchie Sizes 12-14

How To Rig A Hopper-Dropper System

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