Flash Back Friday & Look Forward on March 13, 2020

Good morning all you OFFB Blog readers. It is early, dawn just breaking, and I thought a few light hearted images might be in order. Times are interesting these days, but as anglers and fly tyers there are new adventures and new flies to look forward to in the future.

So I flung open my photos library and found ….

Jay NIcholas good memories ;Caption: now here is an egg fly that I have fished in low fall flows when the summer steelhead are stacked in behind spawning chinook.  You could bobber-dog this fly and perhaps add a bead to keep it down. Need I say more? Great Lakes – of course.

Jay NIcholas good memories 4

2010: Now here is my good buddy Kerry Burkheimer in 2010 waxing all poetic about rod building while sitting in his factory across the mighty Columbia river from Oregon.

Jay NIcholas good memories2

Caption: Now here is a sweet little sea run cutthroat fly tied in 2010. Don’t you think this fly or a variation tied as a scud or a bead head Euro Nymph thingy wouldn’t be killer on the Deschutes or McKenzie, or in Montana or So Cal or Georgia?  Yes indeed we have friends who chase trout in Georgia.

Jay NIcholas good memories3Caption: now for pure entertainment this is a sketch I drew from a photo of a McKenzie Redside from 2010. The red band across the trout’s flanks were startling and bedazzling. This trout, of course, is a female, a hen, as you can tell from the rounded forehead, the plump shape, and the slightly distended vent.

Ok: it is grey outside so it’s time to upper the curtains, flip on the fly tying lamp, and start winding something or other around a hook. Or maybe I’ll sort flies by the year i tied them or by wet versus dry – salmon versus steelhead, and so forth.

I’m gonna call a friend today too, and promise to hit those Stillwater in Eastern Oregon and central Washington. Yes, I’d better get some of those flies tied too.

Top of the morning to you all.






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