Early Spring Mckenzie Fishing Report


My girlfriend and I decided to play hooky from work on Thursday (thanks, Greg) on the first over 60° day of the year. We fished the upper Mckenzie from Blue River to Silver Creek.

IMG_4063 copy

Most of the fish we caught were on nymphs, fishing the dark green water; drop-offs, shelves, and deep pools. I fished a mega prince and possie bugger combination in the #6-10 range, 7-8’ under the bobber most of the day, which is a sure fire way to hook some fish.

IMG_4025 copy

A minor blue wing olive and small caddis hatch started to materialize around 2 o’clock with sporadic march browns coming off as well. There were a few fish coming to the surface, falling prey to our smaller BWO offerings. We caught plenty of beautiful redsides with whiteys also being abundant…

IMG_4068 copy

Essential flies to have in your box for the next few weeks will include:

Parachute Western March Brown

March Brown Spider

Tilt Wing BWO

Jigged 20 Incher

The river is lower than usual for this time of year, which creates great early season fishing. Weather this upcoming week will improve insect activity with slightly warmer nights and overcast days. Time to get out there!


Justin Helm

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6 Responses to Early Spring Mckenzie Fishing Report

  1. Bill says:

    Looks like a great day! Is that section of river easily paddled with a sit on top kayak? Nothing above class II in that stretch, right? Thanks for getting out there and giving us a report!

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:


  3. Topher laws says:

    Thanks you for sharing. About how long of float is that (duration)?

  4. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    About 7 miles

  5. Stan Manley says:

    Are the Mckenzie boat landings open?

  6. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Honestly, changing so fast we don’t know. Be safe.

    Lane Country Parks & Rec. https://lanecounty.org/government/county_departments/public_works/parks
    Willamette National Forest https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/willamette/home

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