New OPST Rods and Full Line chart listings for OPST Lines


New Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactic Rods come to a crowded two handed rod market with unique designs and actions developed by Ed Ward. Pure Skagit and Micro Skagit Rods from 3-9wt offer models that will give anglers joy chasing everything from small trout to king salmon.

Unique to the two handed rod world the Micro Skagit models are “true to line size”. The 9’9″ 3wt is a particularly interesting rod. The 3wt makes single handed spey casts with ease and still offers a comfortable lower switch style grip for two handed cast options, think swinging soft hackles. The 10′ 4wt will handle larger heavier trout flies. The 3wt and 4wt models have cigar handle upper grips accentuating comfortable trout presentations. The 10’4″ #5 has a more traditional upper handle and is the perfect model for trout streamers in close or at distance.

OPST Pure Skagit rods have traditional double welled upper grips and shorter switch style lower grips. Pure Skagit rods have a medium fast action that casts off the upper third of the taper. Truly “skagit style line designed” from the get go, these rods don’t pretend to cast 19 different line configurations.

OPST rods are in stock at The Caddis Fly and we are offering a free line of your choice with each model.

Below are the line/rod recommendations for single and two handed rods looking to utilize the OPST Skagit style line set ups.


OPST line charts:


switch and double hand lines sink tips


switch-double hand-opst floating tips

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1 Response to New OPST Rods and Full Line chart listings for OPST Lines

  1. thomas m cochrane says:

    Will these lines work well on 9′ 5 & 4 weight rods for euro nymphing. I have been
    using 20# maxima chameleon, but this has me interested. How would 30′ of this & 24″
    of 12# amnesia sighter or 24″ OX sighter cast? Sounds like a lot less coiling with this


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