Jay’s Mega Pike Musky Fly Tying Video

mega pike fly

mega pike profile

mega pike fly

Jay’s Mega Pike Musky Fly

Rear Shank – Big Game 28 mm
Thread – Danville’s 210 D white or 200 D GSP
Rear stage – 4.5 ” EP Invader Brush Shad Gray
Hareline White Flatwing Saddles – long
Hareline Black Dyed saddles long and narrow
Flash – long: including Polar; Holo; and Magnum
Front collar – White 4.5 ” EP Invader Brush

Front Stage
Hook – Kona 6/0 Big Game
Wire – Senyos Intruder Wire
Beads – UV 6mm Spirit River egg beads
Rear collar – White 4.5″ EP Invader Brush
Wing – Black/white Big Fly Fiber with Curl
Front Collar – Shrimp Pink 4.5″ EP Invader Brush

This fly is designed for large predatory species like pike and musky but of course it could be fished with confidence for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species including almost anything that swims in the jungle.

These flies tied on articulated shanks are intended to flex sand show a. broad profile to the predator when the angler pauses in the strip retrieve. This fly is tied using only one trailer shank but it could be made even longer with the use of several shanks.

The color hues of this fly suggest a rather natural imitative rather than a wildly colored attractor combination – many large flies feature very bright colors, and such flies will be featured here on the blog in due time.

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  1. Scott Brewer says:

    Nice, Is this fly maybe a start to some sort of future fly fishing adventure…..

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