Deschutes Report May 2019


Took a dry run day trip from Warm Springs to Trout Creek this week. We knew the traffic would be heavy even after the three day holiday. The boat ramp at WS had 4 boats waiting, and three more boats on the ramp! Suddenly the phrase “bring your own rock to fish on” was becoming a reality! However, one possible solution, get a reservation permit (purchased ahead of time) and open up some additional space. This strategy, for us, proved to be very beneficial.

Off to a slow start in the morning, the afternoon brought up some very nice Redsides. Nymphing with jig prince and Lex’s stones was successful but as the air temps warmed…the bugs were everywhere! Norm Woods and Chubby’s were the hot flies. The hatch is well underway and the bugs are spread out. Anglers should have all the proper documents in hand as enforcement is present on the river.

Weather forecast looks great for the weekend and next week. Temps mid 70″ Madras to Maupin….the bugs will be out and laying eggs on the water. Great time to hit the Deschutes!


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