Memorial Weekend Middle Deschutes Fishing Report

Middle Deschutes River

Happy Memorial Day to our veterans and friends from The Caddis Fly Shop.  We hope you had an opportunity to get out and fish this weekend despite the rainy weather.

The Middle Deschutes saw some pressure this weekend, but fished well.  The afternoon storms  made it interesting, but the Redsides were coming up to the dries once it warmed up.   Throw a dropper on for fun too!

Dry Flies:

Norm Woods Special 10

Chubby Norm Woods 10

True Golden Stone 8/10

Rollin’ Golden Stone 8/10

Clark Stone 8/10

Euro-nymphing was super productive throughout the day.

Nymphs Sizes 12-14:

Jigged Frenchie

Jigged Hare’s Ear

Jigged Pheasant Tail CDC

Copper John

Jigged Bead Prince

Rainbow Warriors

2E64734B-E96B-4268-996D-93745D4D735F (1)

Mariusz Wroblewksi Euro Nymphing

As the weather begins to warm look for fish to move into the faster, shallower water.

Tight Lines!


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