Jim Sens’ Trout Spey Soft Hackle Fly

Professional fly tyer and ultra mellow, cool dude Jim Sens stopped by the Caddis Fly Shop to tie a fun & beautiful Trout Spey Soft Hackle Fly to get us all pumped up for the spring and summer trout season.

In this video, Jim shows us many of his techniques that he’s learned over the years to tie indestructible and long-lasting flies. From doubling up the thread for durable dubbing spins to incorporating ostrich feather for a beautiful wing, watch featured fly tyer Jim Sens on the vice.



Trout Spey Soft Hackle Fly

Hook: TMC 2312 Size 8
Thread: Veevus 8/0 Black
Body: UTC Holo Tinsel Gold Lg.
Ultra Wire Black Md.
Zap a Gap
Thorax: Ice Dubbing Pheasant Tail
Wing: MFC Ostrich Feather Black
Hareline Barbed Soft Hackle Olive
Deer Creek Diamond Fine UV Resin

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