Greg’s Pheasant Tail Fly Tying Video


In this video, Greg ties a variation of the Pheasant Tail fly – a long-time classic amongst trout fisherman worldwide. Tied on a Gamakatsu J20 jig hook with a slotted tungsten bead gives this fly two advantages. 1) The hook rides upwards reducing snags and 2) The slotted tungsten bead gives the necessary weight to sink fast. These flies are used with European nymphing setups, but could also be used under an indicator.

Hook: Gamakatsu J20 Hook Size 14 (12-18)
Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Bead 2.8mm Cooper
Thread: Danville’s 140 Denier Brown
Wire: Uni Wire Cooper/Brown Small
Tail and Body: Pheasant Tail Brown
Collar: Ice Dub -Pheasant Tail Color
Collar: Wapsi CDC Super Select

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