Greg’s Tiger Midge Fly Tying Video


In this video, Greg ties a jig style Tiger Midge, a long time classic amongst trout fisherman. A huge part of a trout’s diet is midges. In streams and lakes throughout the world, midges are a huge food source for our swimming friends. Fly fishers should always have a selection of midges in their box. These flies are tied on a Gamakatsu J20 jig hook to reduce snags and weighted with a slotted tungsten bead to drop fast. Get creative with different colors and sizes to match the hatch.

Hook: Gamakatsu J20 Hook Size 14 (14-18)
Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Bead
Thread: Danville’s 140 Denier Black
Wire: Uni Wire Silver Small
Collar: Ice Dub -Peacock/Black

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2 Responses to Greg’s Tiger Midge Fly Tying Video

  1. John Sorensen says:

    What specifically is the difference between a Tiger midge and a Zebra midge? I tie a similar midge on a jig hook using synthetic ribbing instead of wire (or x-small wire) and coat it with thin UV resin to help it sink more rapidly. I vary the colors as well but always use an ice dub or hare-ice dub color to compliment the body color.

  2. Rick Bakker says:

    Wonder what size of Tungsten Bead?

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