October Caddis Emergence Developing in the Willamette Valley

If you are headed out to fish the McKenzie or Willamette River systems this fall don’t be without some adult October Caddis patterns. Here are our favorite four styles of October Caddis dry flies.

J’s October Hi Tie Caddis is a triple winged mid sized high floating caddis pattern. It’s not as large as the naturals flopping around in September and October but it’s highly effective.

Hi tie October caddis

Morrish’s Foam October Caddis has been a favorite for years. Despite it’s bushy look and large foam body this fly floats pretty low on the surface. The Morrish is large enough to support a small nymph for hopper dropper rigs and fishes just fine all by itself all fall.

foam October caddis

Kingrey’s Better Foam Caddis is another favorite. This plump offering works very well throughout the hatch. It’s not the biggest offering, rather it falls in-between the Hi Tie and the Morrish in terms of size. Twitch this pattern along the surface of flat runs and watch for explosions.

kingrey's foam October caddis

The CDC Orange McKenzie Caddis has a CDC hackle palmered over it’s foam body. It floats flat and has good movement. This pattern can fish well swung and skated.

cdc orange caddis

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