Steelhead Fly w/Pink Aqua Flies Intruder Eyes Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay ties an Intruder style Steelhead fly using the OPST Shank Chuck Tool and a few new products from Aqua Flies including their Round Eye Shanks (which come in several sizes), Swing Hooks, and Intruder Eyes. This is an extremely effective Steelhead pattern with a lot of movement and flash. The Willamette has picked up for steelhead recently and this is a great color scheme to try.


Steelhead Fly w/Pink Aqua Flies Intruder Eyes

OPST Shank Chuck Tool
Aquaflies Return and round eye shanks
Aquaflies AquaTalon Swing Hooks Size 2
Fire Line, Wire or Mono
Danville’s 210D blue
Loc-Tite Brush On
Ice Dub UV Purple
Blue Marabou (Silver Doctor Blue)
Grizzly Saddles
Flash: Smolt Blue Ripple Ice
Blue Marabou (Royal Blue)
Black Marabou
Aquaflies Intruder Eyes Pink

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