Cascade Lakes Report: July, 2018


With the warmer weather coming into the valley, it was time to head to the cooler air of the Cascades. Sneaked into Hosmer one night to catch a few trout stripping a callibaetis nymph. and a nice sunset. The paddle boarders were out in force and the fish seem to be indifferent to the traffic. The next day we headed out to East Lake.

East Lake was no disappointment. After catching several nice trout near the ramp, headed out to the slide area and managed to land a nice Brownie. We saw several large browns cruising within inches of the shoreline, but no interest in our emerging callibaetis.

With the warmer weather continuing for at least the coming week, the Oregon’s Cascade Lakes provide a cool escape for everybody. Get out there and enjoy some of Oregon’s greater places to visit….and fish!

Tron 1

Lou V.

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