Nicholas’ Shamen Fly Tying Bobbin Review

Jay Nicholas Shamen Bobbin 1
Fly Tying Tools Review: Shamen Bobbin

I have tied flies with many, many bobbins over the last five decades. Complicated and simple, inexpensive and pricey.

In general, I prefer bobbins that are on the less technically challenging variety, and appreciate high quality, durability, adjustability and feel in the hand.

I have used so many bobbins over the years that it is impossible to even recall specifics of many, but I’m quite sure that I have not been impressed with every new bobbin that comes along just because it is new or shiny.

The Shamen bobbin is one of the relatively new members of the bobbin family that I have tested and appreciated.

The model I have tied with is a standard size. A midge size is also offered and I assume that I would rate it highly as well.

Shamen Bobbin 3
Solid features of the Shamen Bobbin:
• Good fit in hand – very comfortable
• Easy to load the new thread spool
• Provides a secure hold on the spool
• Durable – I have many hours, days, weeks, and so forth with this bobbin in hand
• Easily adjustable thread tension! This is a BIG plus.
• Dependably adjustable thread tension – got to say it twice, it is so important.
• The tension is adjusted by means of the “screw” mechanism and it is SMOOTH.
• Adaptable to very fine and very stout thread
• Ceramic thread tube means no thread fraying

Please don’t assume that this is the only bobbin I keep on my desk. There are many very dependable fly tying tools available these days, unlike when I was learning to tie flies back in the early 1960s.

That said, I’m heartily endorsing this Shamen bobbin as a trustworthy companion at the fly bench.

Jay Nicholas, late 2017

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