Jay’s Crafty Bird Fly Tying Video

Jay demonstrates how to tie a Sand Eel pattern using an EP Craft Fur Brush. The Sand Eel is a killer baitfish imitation for fresh and estuarine waters.


Crafty Bird

Tube: Nanotube Sink 4
Cone: Pro Cone XSmall Red/Orange
Flash: Ice Wing Pheasant Tail
Hook Guide: Lavender Medium
Hook: Glo Bug #6
Overwing: Ostrich Olive
Weight: Drop Weight Medium
Body/Wing: EP Craft Fur 3″ Brush Sand/Brown
Thread: Veevus Thread 6/0 – 10/0

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  1. two dogs says:

    Hmmm. May we see a picture of one of these wet? Worried about the profile is all.

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