What’s Been Goin’ on in Pacific City

A lot has been going on that’s for sure. While Chris and the crew have been fishing the McKenzie and North Umpqua, I have been haunting the coast in the vicinity of Pacific City with friends. This plus a LOT of work still needed to bring Salmon Fisher’s Journal to completion.

Not done yet, but work is proceeding.

Jay Nicholas Echo Bad Ass Glass Review b

Tuna fly fishing with Ed and Kevin in Kevin’s Breaker Dory was one of my highlights. I am thankful to say that I landed a Pacific Albacore and lost several. This tuna made a successful season and it was a large fish but not nearly as large as tuna landed by Kevin and Ed.

kevin has a super fine tuna here.

Kevin has a super fine tuna here.

My buddies fished ECHO EPR and BAD ASS GLASS fly rods, both in the 12 wt. Both rods performed admirably and brought albacore as large as 36 pounds to the boat.


Marty & Mia Sheppard showing off my friend Kevin's Breaker Dory.

Marty & Mia Sheppard showing off my friend Kevin’s Breaker Dory.

I also had a great time fishing with Marty and Mia Sheppard. We were being hosted by my friend Kevin in his dory. We fished for black rockfish and caught many fish on my usual assortment of Clousers fished on fast sinking lines, notably the following:

RIO Outbound Tungsten Custom Cut T-14;
Airflo Forty Plus Sink-7 line
SA Sonar Sink 25 Cold line

Marty fished an ECHO BOOST BEACH 7 wt rod. This was his first exposure to the rod but the way he was casting made it look like this rod has been in his tool kit for a long time. Marty fished the Airflo Beach sinking line using a two hand spey casting style, which worked out well with the rod and meant that he never needed to make a back-cast.

Mia fished my Winston BIIIX 8 wt rod and of course cast better than I ever do.

Hummm. This is a lot of people for no fish today.

Hummm. This is a lot of people for no fish today.

Salmon fishing has been such that I’ve not had much action at all, because I was not fishing where and when the salmon were most prone to bite. I can report that pressure has been intense and tempers have flared now and then.

Jay Nicholas Boomer cat 1

OK, Boomer is telling me that it is time to move on to other tasks, so I’ll close for the day.

My best to everyone, may your fishing be great.

Jay Nicholas October 2017

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  1. david jensen says:

    On my way to PC today to fish tomorrow. Hope to bump into you at The Sportsman, or on the river tomorrow. Can’t wait for the Journal; hope lots of people get in on it.

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