Tying a Sardina with Guy Allen and Jay Nicholas

Here are three of Guy Allen's Sardina flies.

Here are three of Guy Allen’s Sardina flies.

My friend Guy Allen is getting ready to depart (or may have departed already) on his annual trip to Baja and is planning on fishing this pattern. I invited Guy to join me recently and he kindly showed me how to tie this great fly. I hope you enjoy the video and that many more will follow this season.


Hook: Gamakatsu SC 17 Tarpon 3/0
Thread: Veevus mono
Eyes: 3D holographic 1/8″
False eye: Black sharpie
Hook guard: chartreuse krystal flash
Belly: Farrar’s flash blend Bucktail white
Lateral line: EP 3D Fiber tan or gold
Back:  Flash-N-Slinky olive with flash removed
Finish: Cure Goo Tack Free


Jay Nicholas, Spring season 2017


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