Flame Boss Steelhead Tube Fly with Jay Nicholas

Flame Boss Tube Fly by Jay Nicholas - 2017

Flame Boss Tube Fly by Jay Nicholas – 2017

Here is a tube fly version of a fly pattern that I fished on traditional hooks for years extending back into the 1970s. The Flame Boss is a variation of the Boss Fly probably developed on the coastal rivers of Northern California back in the period of the 1920s – 1950s.  These flies were deadly then are still deadly in the modern age of Intruders and the like.

I hope to feature more traditional patterns tied on tubes this season – because I think they offer advantages over the same pattern tied on very large traditional hooks.

May you enjoy tying and fishing these flies.

I will note that this fly is tied in the video on Medium size Classic Tube and does not require a hook guide. This is the case because I rig the up-eye trailer hook on a mono loop and pull the knot into the tube to secure it. This is one means of rigging these flies that is a little different from using micro or nano tubes with hook guards or 40/40 tubes that have a hook guard incorporated into  the tube.

Here goes . . . . .

Tube: Pro Sportfisher Nano Tube or medium classic tube
Hook Guide: Orange large
Hook option: I show a Gamakatsu up-eye #2  hook in the video but you could also use an Owner #2 straight eye or OPST Swing hook #2 if you tie the fly on a microtube, nano tube, or 40/40 tube
Tail: Pro Sportfisher Marble Fox, black
Wing: Pro Sportfisher Marble Fox, cream or white
Hackle: Hot Orange or black Schlappen or marabou
Cone: Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Gunsmoke Metallic – large

If you are a traditionalist and want to transfer a fly pattern to a tube I reommend this as a nice place to start.

Jay Nicholas – winter season 2016/17

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