Travel Report: Highway 138 Blocked at Hogs Creek

For those of you in or around Eugene looking to go fishing the Umpqua this weekend, and planning to use Highway 138 to get there–don’t.

One of our customers just walked in with the following photos showing just how impossible that is likely to be:

IMG_2432 IMG_2431


 *Photos depict a large boulder and debris blocking Highway 138 at Hogs Creek.


As you can see in the last photo, crews are already on site working to remove the obstruction, but for now it looks like 138 is impassable. Plan on taking alternate routes.

With even more rain and wind in the weather forecast, it’s a good idea to watch for landslides or potentially destabilizing erosion along the roadways you travel to fish. Drive safe and keep your wits about you, everyone!

-The Caddis Fly Crew-

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