Who We Are Series Post 2: Peter Cadigan

This series of posts is meant to introduce all of you terrific tiers and cool customers to our small, but fantastic team of anglers here at The Caddis Fly Angling Shop. Each employee answered a number of questions about their fishing expertise, their favorite style of fishing and fishing products. Each week we will publish another employee’s answers to these questions to let you know Who We Are. This series will hopefully give you a peak into who we are, how we fish, and who you are chatting with when you next call or email Caddis.


Who: Peter Cadigan, Customer Service

Years at Caddis: 17

Are you a Eugene local, or are you a transplant? 

Career Army retiree. Moved here from Ft. Lewis, WA some 35 years ago.

How many years have you been fly fishing?

Off and on since I was about 10.

What is your favorite rod and reel combo?

Whatever I’m using at the time.

Wet wade or float, and why?

Wade, because I don’t have a boat, and I enjoy being in the water.

Dry fly, streamer or nymph–and do you tie them?

Whatever gets the job done, and no.

Where do you fish?

States/Waters: Alaska, British Columbia – Douglas Lake Ranch, Kispiox River, and unnamed lakes in western BC; Belize; Cuba; Maine, and the Northwest Territories.

Spey or single hand cast? 

Primarily single hand, but have ventured in the land of Spey on occasion.

Salt or Freshwater?

Primarily fresh, but have enjoyed the few saltwater trips I have been part of.


What is your favorite part about working at Caddis?

The customers

When a fellow angler asks, “What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?” what is your answer? 

I don’t usually get caught up in stats, but the answer would probably be an Umpqua steelhead, or an Alaskan rainbow – about a 30 incher.

Peter can be found in shop and at the front desk, helping customers plan their next fishing trip on local Oregon rivers, or purchasing that next awesome angling outfit. If you call Caddis from a remote location on Mondays and Tuesdays, you’ll likely get Peter on the phone.

Want to know more about the Caddis Fly? Visit our website’s About page at this link and feel free to call or email us any time at our contacts below:



Tight lines until next time!

The Caddis Fly Crew
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  1. ted lapides says:

    I hope all is well. Thinking about you the other day and your wonderful family. Please drop me an email when you have time as I would like to catch up with you. My wife Rae and I are now living in Gainesville, Florida. My wonderful life at Harvey Ltd was a special time. So many special relationships including you and your family.

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