Torrence’s Black and Blue Scandi-Tube Fly Tying Video

In this fly tying instructional video Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie a Scandinavian Style Tube Fly using the Protube system by ProSportFisher. The Protube system allows the tier to control the every aspect of their creation with the addition of weight, color, and turbulence. In this fly tying tutorial Tony demonstrates the use of the Flexi weight and Pro Sonic Ultra Sonic Disc to tie his favorite Summer and Winter Steelhead Fly.

Blk n Blue Tube

Torrence’s Black and Blue Scandi-Tube

Tube: ProSportFisher Blue 40/40, Medium Flexiweight (15mm)
Tip: Lagartun or Veevus Small Oval Silver Tinsel
Tag: Danville Fl. Orange Floss, use a single strand

Tail: Fl. Orange Fluoro fiber
Butt: Black Ostrich Herl
Rib: Lagartun or Veevus Medium Oval Silver Tinsel
Body: 2/5 Large Veevus Teal Holographic Tinsel, 3/5 Hareline Black STS Trilobal Dubbing
Hackle: Black Medium Blue Eared Pheasant
Wing: Hareline Kingfisher Blue Arctic Fox
Flash: Angler’s Choice Blue Ice Angel Hair
Hackle: Hareline Kingfisher Blue Guinea Fowl
2nd Wing: Black Pro Marble Fox or Arctic Fox
Disc: Blue Chrome Pro Ultra Sonic Disc

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