Last Minute Trip for King Salmon Available

Sapsuk river king salmon

Long time Caddis Fly customer and big fish seeker David Bayles has had to bow out of his annual Sapsuk River fishing trip. David is trying to get his spot filled and is offering a tremendous last minute deal.


Owing to a medical cancellation, one spot has become available, at a substantilal discount, during the prime week of the run of bright Chinook salmon on the remote and pristine Sapsuk river, in the shadow of the most active volcano in the western hemishere (Mt Pavloff) on the Aleutian peninsula, The Sapsuk is owned by a native corporation, entry is strictly controlled, and it is perfect fly water. You can reasonably expect multiple daily hook ups with alarmingly strong and aggressive fish in the 30-50 poud class, just a few miles from salt water. The dates are June 24 to July 1, and round trip charter transportation, from Anchorage, is included the package – along with lodging, meals, worldclass guides, boats, flies, everything but drinks and tips. The package is $5300, discounted by 1/3 to $3550. $3550 for, arguably, the best chihook fly fising in the world. Unheard of.

Send David and email at: for further information or to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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