“Redemption” Micro Intruder Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay Nicholas demonstrates how to tie a “Redemption” Micro Intruder. The pattern tied on a nano tube and maintains the separation between “butt” and “shoulder”. The Micro Intruder pattern in the color scheme demonstrated is deadly in winter and summer! Ben Paull and Trevor Covich (OPST friends) spotted this pattern at the Sandy Spey Clave recently and exchanged knowing glances, remarking that they liked these colors.

Jay will be featuring a series of over 30 new Intruders, including Micro Intruders, in a soon to be released book – Advanced Intruder Strategies. This new book will build on the fundamentals introduced in Intruder Essentials and will feature Half Intruders, Senyo Shank Articulated Shank Intruders, OPST shank Intruders, ProSportfisher Articulated Tube Intruders, and the fascinating Micro Intruders.

All of Jay’s books can be purchased as signed and personalized copies by calling the Caddis Fly Shop or on Amazon (unsigned).


Jay flies April 2016

Redemption Micro Intruder

Tube: Pro Sportfisher Nano tube
Butt: Senyo’s Fusion Dub Pink Lady
Rear Hackle: Pink Schlappen or Metz Hatchery Soft Hackle
Body: Lagartun Carded Flat Braid Fl. Blue
Shoulder dub: Senyo’s Fusion Dub sky blue
Shoulder Hackle: Kingfisher Blue Metz Soft Hackle
Shoulder Hackle 2: Fish Hunter Marabou Spey Blood Quills Silver Doc Blue
Flash: Lateral Scale
Tendrils: Black Ostrich
Hackle: Black Schlappen
Cone: Ultra Sonic Disc Metallic Blue Med

Hook: OPST Swing Hook sized to suit (usually 2, 3, or 4)

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