Out-takes from the 2016 Spey Clave

I experienced a great four hours at the 2016 Sandy Spey Clave on Saturday, May 14th.  A mere four hours. So little time and far too many friends to try and catch up with. Knowing that I was at risk of getting drowsy if I didn’t head home by 5 PM, I just randomly visited with a few friends who happened to stumble my way. No master plan to watch presentations. No idea what the presentation schedule was. No agenda regarding who or what I should see.

The consequences of this behavior is a collection of random images, a very small collection, a tiny fragment of the greatness that unfolded at the event.

My apologies.

No story line here, just snippets, crumbs, to represent a day when I had a genuinely good time connecting and re-connecting with people who share my passion for flyfishing and fly tying.

Kerry Burkheimer. Randy Stetzer. Jeff HickmanEric Nufeld. Tim Rajeff. Steve Rajeff. Simon Gaesworth. Doug Brutaco. Dick Sagara. Marty Sheppard. Tom Larimer. Trevor Covich. George Cook. Jerry Swanson.

Here are the few images I brought home. No shots of the great on-river spey casting. Oh well, I had a great time and highly recommend this event for all.

Jay Nicholas, May 2016.

2016 Spey Clave insights a 2016 Spey Clave insights b

2016 Spey Clave insights d




2016 Spey Clave insights c d 2016 Spey Clave insights f 2016 Spey Clave insights g 2016 Spey Clave insights h

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