Spey Demo Update

Sage 2

Approximately 21 brave souls were greeted by George Cook last Saturday for the free Spey Demo day.


Spey 2

As you can see from the above pictures, we all enjoyed the best instruction from George Cook and were able to huck away the very best from Sage and Redington.


The Caddis Fly Shop is not done with demos. Chris D. has arranged for our Winston/Echo/Airflo representative Eric to bring the very best of both Winston and Echo to the shop for yet, another, on the water, FREE Demo Day in April. “But wait”!

Chris is also working to have our Patagonia representative Bruce be here at the same time….AND with all this activity: FREE Beers and “brauts”!….hey, your crazy if you don’t come and join in on the fun in April. Look for additional information on the blog as we approach April.

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  1. Pat J Adams says:

    Fixing to buy an 8wt this year. Thanks to the generosity of Chris Daughters and
    George Cook, I was able to try and eliminate several rods that I thought may have
    been right. The closet is crowded enough.
    Like most good speycasters, George Cook is a gifted teacher and showman.
    Thanks, Caddis Fly Shop

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