Deschutes Alliance Science Plan Report


After two years of data collection, the DRA has completed its study from a data gathering process to a monitoring program. The three areas of study were Lake Billy Chinook, Aquatic Insect Monitoring, and Continuous Water Quality Monitoring.

No matter what our personal beliefs or views are on this great river: things have changed within the past two years. The report clearly raises some serious questions about the “the tower”, why the Metolius and Crooked River do not mix during summer months, and aquatic insect emergence and population abundance. A highly credentialed and experienced team created the report.

The report is a quick read and it should ask us all; If you care about the Deschutes, what can we, as individuals, do? The DRA needs not just our moral support but some cash to go along with the work.

Please, read the report, and reflect on how you can support the DRA.



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